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Affordable custom
business software.

A modular business platform for general practitioners, institutions and SMEs. LEAN working and organizing for professionals.

That's what Derk stands for. By means of the modular platform Derk can be deployed for a wide range of tasks surrounding your organization. Do you want to get rid of different systems that communicate with each other with difficulty or not at all? Or do you want to automate specific tasks? Derk offers the tailor-made package for your company based on your personal situation.

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Fully modular

The system can be fully configured to your organization.

All modules are integrated in one dashboard and work closely together. So you are never more than 2 clicks removed from what you are looking for.

Features that do not apply to your company are disabled and will not be charged. This is how you pay only for what you actually use. Extra employees are also easily added and removed again.

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Derk is for ...

GPs with some specific modules to manage your practice

For general practices Derk offers a clean and LEAN way of working. This makes it advantageous for employees to create a VIM report, share documents and protocols, and create general reports. Derk also offers the ability to manage drug inventory, including automatic expiration dates.

SMEs & entrepreneurs For a quick and dynamic handling of your administration

For SMEs, Derk offers an extensive invoicing system and standard documents with a direct link to the customer management module. Within your organization do you have access to a chat module. It is also possible to manage your stock and inventory.

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internal communication

We are always aware of all agreements within the company.

With this module, general memos can be shared to the entire company. In this way, everyone will always be aware of what is going on within the organization. It is also possible to send personal messages to all fellow users. The recipient will be notified immediately upon dispatch.

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document management

All documents are always at hand and very easy to share.

In this module, all organization-relevant documents can be shared. This includes a rights system, so we can distinguish between the different functions within the organization.

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practice management

Appointments, medication in order and an organization that continues to improve.

This module consists of a group agenda, in which all relevant organization-related appointments can be entered. This eliminates the need to share a personal calendar. It also includes a medication management system. With this system you can very well keep track of the medication stock and ensure that it does not expire. Finally, this module also contains an extensive vim notification system.

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administration and invoicing

declaration, create invoices and make it easy for customers to pay.

In this module you can place costs incurred, create invoices and upload balances. Your customers can easily pay the invoices via iDeal or other online banking method. This module also provides a very clear overview of your VAT return per quarter.

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Unique communication to visitors and customers.

This is a custom module, you can use this module to set up your own narrowcasting. It is possible to manage different narrowcasting within the organization. This system has been completely developed by Derk, because we have used a different structure than usual, we can offer our narrowcasting at a very competitive rate.

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website or shop

All online communication in order and easy to adjust and update everything.

This is a custom module, through this module you can manage your own website or webshop. If you also use the administration modules, all purchases from the webshop are automatically entered into the system.

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On request
and innovations

We are always looking for improvements and extensions to our platform.

Our modular base allows us to quickly process customer requests within the platform. We also keep our platform up to date and the security of your data.


Derk is a creative design and development company that consists of a group of enthusiastic creatives, designers and developers. We help you tell your story, in the broadest sense of the word.

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